9 05, 2018


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The morning wind in the California high desert sends little slices of ice through your pores. A ruby red taffeta mini skirt dips and dives on the oak hanger. “Hi sweetie-the wind blows everything around here” a voice spills out from behind the red fabric of the storefront. A green faux fur hat perches atop her [...]

24 03, 2018

Traveling is about finding your edges-The plane

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I'm sandwiched between two men. Middle seat,  waiting for the pushback tug to be fixed for plane #3 in line for take off. I am plane #4. Thirty, forty-five, sixty minutes on the tarmac and finally we are in the air. To my right is Andrew. He laughs and looks up. "Our president is advocating for [...]

4 10, 2017

Dispatches a la Paris-Souvenirs from the Street

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The French have a word specifically for the endless street walking; the perfect act of absorbing the beauty and energy of the city. La Flanerie which literally means 'To wander the streets of Paris.' Traveling for five days, my son and I walked between 8-10 miles a day through hidden passages, Himalayan castles and labyrinthian gardens. The [...]

23 02, 2017

Daily Dose of a Walking European

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In Europe we walk; to the biweekly produce market, to the neighborhood bus stop, to the Sunday afternoon torte and coffee venue. Walking is elevated from a low impact form of cholesterol reducing exercise to a social and practical railway through life. My grandmother traversed intersecting buses and uneven planks of streets into her mid nineties. [...]

21 02, 2017

Daily Dose of Europe

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  After the familiar anonymity of Charles de Gaulle; the subtle streaming smells of humanity and the omnipresent waiting. Waiting for the customs processing, waiting for the 4 Euro French Press Starbucks, waiting for the toilette and wondering how the line will order itself this time. Finding the mid-walkway business pod encased in ecru faux leather [...]

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