24 01, 2021


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Tender anticipation of empathy   Seeking to collapse a year   A year of wandering souls in isolation   In COVID 19   In anti-humanity   Releasings of pain. Architecting the novel of your sanctuary.   Rebirthing a daughter. Catching and releasing the sons.   Trusting the hubcaps of safety.   Future state, future you glimmering [...]

1 07, 2019

Sacred Restarts

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Today we broke apart an established world and it remained intact. The two thirteen-year-old girls that I have lived with for five years are moving out next month. Their Dad is going with them. The expected fury of emotion and running into bedrooms never arrived. Instead there was incessant chatter about which type of pet; hedgehog, [...]

7 10, 2018

The Weekend of October 6th

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Life is trying. Trying to be first, trying to push opinions, answers and consequences. And today it feels like life is Himalayan in its unruly messiness. The scorching upcoming confirmation of Kavanaugh to a seat on the United States highest court of justice. The ashes of women betrayed in every conversation and community space. There is [...]

30 09, 2018

Scissors are falling out of my hair

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There is a smell of moss and lumberjack permeating the studio. I dribble in late, sinking quickly into the black leather stylist chair. "I've never seen your hair down" I comment. An ocean of aqua marine locks drape over Siddal's right shoulder. They reach her waist. Suddenly I'm sitting on the porcelain bathtub of my grandmother's [...]

26 03, 2018

The Hush

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Stepping down into the hallway there is a runway of excitement. There are spring flowers enrobed in butcher paper casually strewn on park benches. The large cardboard signs read ‘L’amour est dans l’air’ and ‘La vie est une fleur dont l’amour est le miel’ while men in tuxes and women in a range of Seattle formal [...]

30 05, 2017

Letting go of a Dream

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Letting go of a Dream Sometimes there is only letting go; the methodical tendril releasing process of letting go. Sometimes there is only seeing things as they truly are, filters off, wishing replaced with penetrating 20/20 vision. There are signs you have arrived here. You know them. You can’t hide from any parts of your community. The orbits around [...]

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