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About Me

I am…

Free, curious, raw, vintage modern European, writer and lover of ideas, edges and children. My energy is my SuperPower.


Mostly lyrical nonfiction essays seasoned with culture-meets-personal commentary.

I write about the spaces where quiet, everyday courage constructs our story. I call it internal quietude. It lives in our personal, professional and passion personas. It splices through online and offline spaces.

I write about the edges we face while living in relationship in this world. I write about the undeniable dispatches from daily life. You know the ones; the oceans, the caverns, the curbsides.

I have an upcoming collage-style coffee table book with my husband. I have published essays in two anthologies We Came to Say and We Came Back to Say, and a time capsule. I am working on a collage essay book of autobiographical fiction à la Annie Lamott meets Maggie Nelson wrapped in Alice Walker.


Diverse individuals to find their One Voice through writing, professions, passion points and their relationships. I work with creatives, mothers, entrepreneurs and You.


I currently lecture with the faculty in the Leadership, Sustainable Business and Writing Studies programs at Antioch University. My classes focus on Mindful Leadership, Writing and Coaching for Change.

My philosophy

I believe in radiating relationship impact. It takes focus and patience and courage and language. I believe in community building through words, common language and joint experiences. I believe in Bright Spots and Frames; Land Mines and Margins; Red Lines and Water Lines.

And most of all I believe in showing up. Showing up for 22 years as a professional, for 16 years I’ve been a parent and for 9 years as a writer. Showing up for every asymmetrical, beautiful and perpetually changing leg of the journey. That is where it all starts. Thank you for showing up with me. Here. Today.

Carmen with her characters, Jarah, Surana and Galyn. Our One Voice.

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Write with me

Answer this question in email or a Word doc: What is your SuperPower today? (500 words or less.) Feel free to add a collage of photography, inspirations, and references. I may post it on my blog, with your blessings, of course.

Teach with me

Contact me to be a guest blogger.

Coach with me

  • Writers/Creators, assert yourself with One Voice. Explore the choices that give fuel and fire into your story, your self and the characters in it. Find out how.
  • Second Lifers, email me your story…tell me what you’re struggling with in your blended family situation. I’ll respond to you with a discussion guide that includes some useful exercises – both written and oral. This will give you a good idea of what it’s like to work with me and a taste for my approach. You are not alone!
  • Leaders/Professionals, explore what is rich and abundant and energy giving for you. Discover why. Reapply and Repeat. Start here.

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My Professional Work

I’m an Interim Leadership and Organizational Consultant with The Valtas Group. We are a specialized team of leadership professionals with expertise and front-line experience in executive leadership and non-profit management. Valtas began with a clear and simple goal: Supporting our clients in the development of their teams, and enabling leaders and boards to equitably focus on their most vital resources to ensure success — their employees.

For more information go to Valtas.

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