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Here, lyrical writing meets the cultural ethos of past, present and future. Here, you’ll be invited to play in the sandbox of interweb and human connection.

Join me in leveraging the conductivity of writing to find, tell and transform your story. In your One Voice.

Lean into coaching with me to drive and inhabit your professional success, your blended living and your creative muse.

Reach out to me. We’ll go there together.

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This woman has a gift; my compliment for her is she does not write simply with the ink of her pen, but the ink of her Soul.

Professor Jean Boisvert, Literature/Writing Professor, University of Montreal

Purpose of this site

I believe we have an undeniable voice, the voice of our highest self that takes what we love most and applies it to what the world needs most.

Through my writing, coaching and teaching I want to help us all tune in to this One Voice, and the Super Power that drives it.

  • Discover and play with my blog. It’s about the daily dispatches of courage and quietude.
  • Lounge with my writing. It’s about playing with the ancient whispers of our moments. And learning to listen.
  • Dig into iterative coaching with me. It’s about finding your edges, seeing reality and framing the future.

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