Parenting =Creating.

There. I said it.

Parenting is the daily act of observing, sculpting and refining a work in progress. Only it is not your work. So you must be particularly adroit at balancing tai chi with sprint racing; at reflecting genius and modulating between joy and depression. It involves feeling deeply and batting resistance every day.

And. You must stay on task amid the cycles of creation and the flourishes of development.

Parenting an adolescent is one of the less visible creative forms. We have few proactive support systems ie “Hello, my name is Carmen and I am the creator of an adolescent.” We can’t find creative inspiration by attending a museum of representative historical works because-well, the works are inherently unstable and dynamic.

The creative paradigm most fitting is the discovery and construction of a bridge. The bridge to adulthood.

This week we are building our bridge in Paris.

Inspired by the 37 bridges spanning the Seine and bolstered by the best practice of 410 years of bridge construction.

Dispatches from antiquity dosing our day.