Letting go of a Dream

Sometimes there is only letting go; the methodical tendril releasing process of letting go.

Sometimes there is only seeing things as they truly are, filters off, wishing replaced with penetrating 20/20 vision.

There are signs you have arrived here. You know them. You can’t hide from any parts of your community. The orbits around you pulse in soft, whisps of inpenetrabable energy packets. These packets of isolated hopes drifting temporarily until they fall into oblivion. Puff and they are gone. Released-morphing the DNA of the day, week , future.

You hold a momentary hope that they will draft someone else to their purpose. You clutch to just this moment mounting a campaign of mindfulness because your social consciousness requires you to. You look throught the pinpoint darkness of depression and tunnel your way back to the moment, sitting at this usual coffee shop. A time being.