30 05, 2017

Letting go of a Dream

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Letting go of a Dream Sometimes there is only letting go; the methodical tendril releasing process of letting go. Sometimes there is only seeing things as they truly are, filters off, wishing replaced with penetrating 20/20 vision. There are signs you have arrived here. You know them. You can’t hide from any parts of your community. The orbits around [...]

7 05, 2017

Running with Ghosts

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I'm training for a marathon. My second. Sixteen years ago I ran the Midnight Sun Marathon in Anchorage to raise money for a friend with Leukemia. My then six month old son was stuffed into a stroller and pushed by his Dad squinting and cheering me on at key intervals along the course. It was hot and interminably bright. Returning [...]

2 05, 2017

Jewels of the Fury

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Jewels of the Fury The southern Florida weather is raging outside. The double pained sliding glass windows shudder and twitch-in then out-as the rush of wind forces its way across the beach. My mother is standing on the porch of our eleven-story hotel trying to smoke a cigarette. The ashes evaporate around her index finger. Her [...]

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