One aspect of vacation is the waiting.

At Charles de Gaulle I waited 50 minutes to get through customs, 25 minutes for the pain au chocolat and 35 minutes at Gate number 48 because the plane was tardy.

My self prescribed, organic daily routine is forming; when sunlight pierces through the hillside facing window, wire up with my headspace for 10 minutes of guided Headspace meditation followed by a coffee and anticipation of writing followed by actual blogging. Discretionary time is a jewel of prismatic brilliance. No waiting only self-directed hand over hand, mind over mind action.

Espresso bubbles over into the now familiar (3 times makes a pattern) post wake up routine. I wait to see what the day will bring. Mediation helps me stay in this moment.

Being out in the world has it’s own discovery and birth. Is that a set of 700 stairs leading up to a dinosaur print? Why yes-it is. Putting shoes back on after running the beach and climbing into the horizon. Staying present and in the moment.

I arrive in the small historic town of Sintra with 3 hours to spare before meeting a dear friend in Lisbon. I’m early. I soften in the drift of the small village air. I have choices. I sit at a coffee shop-without constraint, agenda or push back time.

Being early created energy-the kind of energy that asks questions.