17 03, 2017

The Raging of Roots

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I skip across the bleached grass to Anita’s farm. The rotted wooden gate sinks into my 7 year old left hand as my right fingers wrestle with the shorn fibers of the rope knot holding the door closed. I try for 3 minutes clumsily finally opening the door. My grandmother is superstitious and last week switched [...]

13 03, 2017

The Questions

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In coaching, in living, in loving we think about how we want to approach our selves and the other person. In coaching we consider how to maintain and grow our signature presence, listen deeply and provoke with empathy. The Question-"Where do you think we should be going?" In living we consider what we want to achieve [...]

13 03, 2017

Daily Dose of Waiting

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One aspect of vacation is the waiting. At Charles de Gaulle I waited 50 minutes to get through customs, 25 minutes for the pain au chocolat and 35 minutes at Gate number 48 because the plane was tardy. My self prescribed, organic daily routine is forming; when sunlight pierces through the hillside facing window, wire up [...]

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