Above all I believe in Love.

“Click, clack, click, clack” speak the red heeled cowboy boots emanating from the center of the cross walk, 30 seconds prior to the light changing to give pedestrians the right to walk. The woman inside these boots is starkly beautiful with her pale and perfect skin, finely manicured red lips and flutter less black hair. She looks into my eyes and through to the air behind me.

Minutes earlier, I had walked by the reception area of an assisted living facility occupying a block of street real estate beside a organic, seasonal, fusion eatery. Inside are women clustered around a Valentine’s display, lifting candy apple red hearts close to their glasses to behold the Valentine recipient. The hallway is adorned with preschool themed snow people wall hangings-bright, sparkly, and juvenile.

Hours earlier, I receive a Facebook instant message from a rare friend inviting me to a talk with Neil Gaiman. His collection of essays, ‘View From the Cheap Seats’, is on the vertical reading shelf next to the Challah recipe and the Ta-Nehisi Coates collection. I seek out the tickets, mostly purchased, and open the advertisement day lighting a salt and pepper photo of Neil Gaiman pulsating an enigmatic power and complexity.

Not all women are created alike and all women are created into the stream of their power. As the voice of equality. As a voice with agency. As the voice of universal civility written in the key of love.

Never is it more needed than today.

Let’s engage our thinkers in the countless shapes they take. Women with critical alacrity in their dialogue with the world. Women with works to match. Women walking across urban streets and women in the recesses of their lives.

Women of all ages -send me your enigmatic power pictures and your 3 words for our world.

love without rules