Inserting Space

Space can come in the form of solitude. The tussle of freeform play. The window of a new and unexpected friendship.

Brain neurology tells us that we need at least 7 different types of brain activity for our brain to be fully functioning , refreshed and building new synaptic connection. One of these is discretionary play time. Time for our brain to be bouncing a hacky sack of internal and external impressions hither and fro. It’s dynamic, playful and easy times.

How much time do you spend here?

In our bipolar outcome driven culture this can have the tone of slacking. it is waiting for the next big idea to arrive. Yet-again-research indicates leaders who allow time for mental nomadism run stronger, more profitable companies. Why? Yet unformed, organic idea emerge. Ideas not pressure pushed from a critical need prior to a board meeting. Ideas that float in and just enough crumbs stick to just the right problem that some new solution can be born.

Waking up to something new everyday starts with letting our brains arrive new everyday.