“Do you guys work together also?” the dark haired millenial seated between us interjects.

He had overheard our bantering around client lead-in projects. As consultants these are projects we delicately resource and powerfully deliver as a runway to further work.

“Sort of” we answer. “We are both consultants”.

“Me too-I’m a Fire Protection Engineer” he indicates. “There are only 3 school with this speciality. It’s job security. There are specialized head hunters for this field.” He smiles broadly.

In the next 10 minute we learn about CAD modeling for burning couches in hotels and his Masters Degree in Fire Protection Engineering. 

As an HR person it is unusual for an individual to deliver me an unfamiliar job. Connor did. He gathers the tools of his emblazened coffee shop existance and we exchange cards. I am cardless, remembering that I had given out all my business cards to a group of adult learners yesterday evening.

“I’m always surprised people still want business cards in our world of instant virtual connection ” I say.

“I like to collect cards and write notes on the back of each card including where I met the person and next steps.”

Slinging a titanic backpack over his shoulder, he leaves the coffee shop to catch a plane. A millenial-rooted in the cardstock world of professional emblems.

A smile snipes across my face.