What makes couples survive in the tumbleweeds of time and space and amidst the push and pull of daily/weekly and external/internal forces?

It is not what you would expect.

It’s the alchemy of contrasts.

We agree and say YES to the relationship temples of John Gottman, David Schnarch and David Riccho.

We understand the horseman of criticism, contempt, defensiveness, stonewalling.

We deliver and delight in the importance of the seriously artful passions of the physical.

We practice, with meditative certainty, the 4 A’s that inscribe you as an Adult in Relationship.


We disagree and discourse on the current socio political priorities starting with the increasing limelight on LGBT amidst the decreasing attention on the international military mights of Russia and North Korea.

I view Transparent, critically considering its aggressive and uncomfortable messaging Transparent New Yorker Dialogue while he finds solace from the foreign affairs cyclone in the Mars Gallery on the NASA website.

Conversations are spawned on blankets while vacationing and on couple dates in trendy tapas restaurants. The dichotomy of our impulses on these issues are striking-jarring in contrast to the soft envelope our parenting and writing rapport.

In these contrasts the relationship rubs and stays raw, evolving and breathing; inhaling the emotional DNA of discourse and exhaling the intentional consanguinity of wife and husband.