My daughter and I collectively planned a 13th Birthday celebration including a shopping trip and an afternoon visit to the Olympus Spa. Surana had never experienced a spa and as an emerging woman she wanted to try this. I could see her inhale deeply as she walked in amidst the bathing pools of women.

Beginning with the Mugwort showers and steeping in the pools she grew more comfortable and our conversation was punctuated with ‘Oh let’s try the next pool’ and ‘I love the feeling of this place.’

We soaked, showered, steamed and rested for several hours. After dropping our towels in the wicker basket, we enjoyed green tea and udon in the café, our hair drip-drying and our spirits still.

Walking out Surana indicates, “ Mom, I feel so relaxed and pure. I want to bring this home.”

Following our Olympus Spa visit we purchase Rose Queen bath bombs to build our culture of cleansing.